Idol Hangover: The Six Do Shania

In case you didn’t catch last night’s American Idol (LOST was a repeat, so no excuses this week), here are last night’s three best performances:

Casey James – After a few so-so weeks, and an appearance in last week’s bottom 3, Casey needed to hit it out of the park to re-establish himself as a leader in this competition. He did that last night – and more.

Lee Dewyze – He picked the perfect song, nailed it, and should easily relax this week knowing he’s safe. From virtual unknown at the beginning of the finals, Lee has really moved to the front of this pack.

Siobhan Magnus – While she may have lost her way in the past couple of weeks, she roared back this week.

Who’s in danger tonight?
While most of the performances were phenomenal this week, not everyone impressed me much. Although many thought Michael was amazing, I agreed with Simon in the assessment of “It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing” – it was sub par in my book. The night’s other loser? Aaron Kelly. He wasn’t terrible, but in a crowded field like this, his time is up. Let’s see if one of these guys go home or if the judges should have waited to use their save for this round…


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