Let’s Hope THE HILLS Don’t Have Eyes (Watching)

It’s nearly here. Tomorrow’s the big day. For snarky bloggers, TV critic-comedians, and Joel McHales everywhere, our lives will soon be a lot easier. MTV’s The Hills premieres its 6th season tomorrow night, giving us a treasure chest of new material to mock and trash talk. But that noise you hear across the rest of America right now? That’s a collective cry for this show to be put out of its misery. Strangely, it seems the only people who don’t know that the country is tired of this “reality” show are the completely out-of-touch actors/liars themselves.

So, with that said, I guess it’s time to gear up for another exhilarating 10 episodes of Heidi, Lo, Audrina, Kristin, and Spencer making cool LA hotspots un-cool, talking about absolutely nothing for 30 minutes a week, and turning MTV’s programming into even more of a joke than it already is (please remember, this is the same station that brought us T.I. Road to Redemption and introduced us to Snooki). The only positive of this entire story? After 10 episodes, it will finally be over…maybe…hopefully…pleadingly…


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