Grab Some Grub: Glendon Bar & Kitchen

Last week, the Glendon Bar & Kitchen officially opened for business in Westwood. For a neighborhood known for being the home to UCLA, shuttered shopping, and obnoxious high schoolers, this opening is a welcome sign after Chili’s, the Gardens on Glendon, and other Westwood eateries closed in rapid succession over the past few months.

Before opening. Believe me, there are people there now. via TheGlendonLA

While it’s still getting into its rhythm, the restaurant has come up with a preliminary menu of mid-priced bar food (pizzas, salads, appetizers, and a decent drink list). While you can tell that the wait staff and the bartenders are still getting settled, you can feel the potential this place has. The pitched ceilings, sparse decoration, and roomy layout give the restaurant a hybrid feel – allowing it to be both a bar for those interested in drinking and a dining room for those more interested in food.

Eat or drink? Tough choice. via Eater LA

One of the best things the Glendon has to offer is its happy hour, which runs from 4:00PM to 7:00PM daily, and allows for 50% off all food items. It was unclear if that discount applied to drinks as well…but I have a feeling I’ll find out sooner rather than later if it does. Hopefully, with the Glendon now operational, and with Barney’s coming online in just a few more days, Westwood will be getting its groove back.


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