iSurrender to the iPhone

When the iPhone debuted in 2007, I have to admit that I thought it was probably the coolest thing I had ever seen in my life. Not since my chunky 1998 Nokia 5510 (changeable cover plates!), had I seen something that would change my life so much. Then, I found out it would only be on AT&T. As a Sprint user, I opted for the Blackberry instead. Since then, I’ve had 5 blackberries (I’m not bad with keeping them working), and I’ve never wanted to switch.

Someone definitely got fired over this. via Walyou

Until this week. Late last year, I switched over to AT&T, and it’s been a disaster ever since. I didn’t know this, but apparently, AT&T’s 3G coverage (which they so advertise quite aggressively), works great in places like Idaho, but doesn’t work in the Los Angeles area. Logical. Apparently, the iPhone is rumored to work better than Blackberry with AT&T’s service in LA…so it’s finally become an option to make the switch. But even with the coverage issues aside, I thought my love of BBM and my little keyboard would be too hard to ever overcome.

iLike. via Gizmodo

Not anymore. Some stupid Apple employee left a prototype of the next iPhone (rumored to be called the “iPhone HD” or “iPhone 4G”) at a bar in Northern California. Gizmodo luckily happened to be there to swipe it up. Now, the world can see into the next iteration of what’s to come from the media giant.  And apparently, that’s a phone with iChat capability, 32GB of storage, and removable battery (shocking for Apple). This thing doesn’t look like a phone anymore – it’s more like a computer in your pocket. I may be getting ahead of myself here, but I think it’s finally come time to make the switch. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Blackberry, and we’ve had a long and fruitful relationship for almost 3 and a half years, but I think it’s time to breakup. Along with the thousands of apps, beautifully simple aesthetics, and ability to play my music, let’s just hope the new iPhone will also let me make calls without getting disconnected. Otherwise, I may end up going back to that Nokia…


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2 responses to “iSurrender to the iPhone

  1. It’s not known to be iChat, and it’s not a removeable battery. They don’t even know if this is the “TRUE” iPhone. So, don’t keep your hopes up for something like this. It also already has 32GB memory. Do your research a little more.. Just saying. Don’t take it offensive. I actually respect you for not mentioning Verizon though 🙂 thanks!

  2. The BlackBerry can do all (and more) than the iPhone. You mention music player. The BB has a decent music player, and you can add a 16GB memory card. You can also install (for less than $10) $10, PodTrapper for downloadin/playing podcats over the air. Also, with Slacker. Pandora, and others (all free) you get beautiful apps that stream music to your BB. These all work in multi tasking, which the iPhone still does not do. Think more about your BB options before you jump.

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