Every Rose Has Its Thorn

According to various news and gossip sites, Bret Michaels was submitted to emergency hospital care this afternoon due to a brain hemorrhage. At this time it’s unclear how his health is and also what caused the hemorrhage, but some suspect it may be tied to the emergency appendectomy earlier this week.

"Celebrity" is a relative term. via EW Pop Watch

While this isn’t something to joke about, and here at Smogger the last thing we want to do is downplay the seriousness of a life-and-death situation, this does give us an interesting chance to look into how a sudden and unexpected event may impact pop culture. So, with all respect to Bret and our hope that he will make it through this OK, we’re going to take a moment to speculate on how this might affect NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice, which Bret has been a contestant on for this season.

Bret (and VH1) in better days. via Flickr

The Celebrity Apprentice has been airing since Sunday, March 19th, and is currently set for a finale on Sunday, May 23, at the same exact time as Lost’s epically anticipated series finale (not really surprising given the programming geniuses that NBC employs). So, with exactly one month left to the finale, NBC now has several options. Option one – aka the classy option – would be to pull the show indefinitely and have it play out after Bret’s health at the top of the news. Option two – aka the most likely option – would be to air the show during its intended run, but removing promotion and ad a disclaimer to the beginning of this week’s episode. And option three – aka NBC’s sick dream – would be to air the show as intended, and promote the hell out of it now – knowing that rating will probably increase given America’s penchant for rubbernecking.

What will happen is anyone’s guess. While we can only pray Bret gets better (a future without the possibility of a Rock of Love 4 seems downright miserable to me), we should probably also pray that the usual attention-whores who feed on events like this will also keep their mouths shut – but it may already be too late for that.


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