A Walking Music Cliché? We’ll Let Pandora Be the Judge of That.

Pandora has always been a great source of new music, something to throw on the background while you work… and now, a judge of your uniqueness as a human being! It occurred to me while I was listening to my Julian Casablancas station that Pandora was going to put on a song that “someone like me” – aka someone who loves loves loves Julian Casablancas – would listen to. I’m being categorized! And what comes on after my Julian song? Phoenix! Well, guess what, Pandora? I don’t LIKE Phoenix that much. (The third song was The Strokes… too easy, Pandora.)

via playle

So there you go, hipsters. Pandora is here to judge your originality, or pretty much your worth as a human being. I dare you to take the Pandora Judgment Test for yourself, see how you fare. I tested out a few artists to see what Pandora thought I would want to hear next in the “music genome project” —

+ Animal Collective – “Summertime Clothes”
>> Grizzly Bear –  “Two Weeks” (we skip, as MM doesn’t enjoy the G.B.)
>> Dr. Dog – “Heart It Races” (quality is kicked up significantly here. cheers, Pandora)
>>Le Loup – “Le Loup” (never heard of these people, but okay, i’m feeling this. check them out)
>> Animal Collective –  “Someday I’ll Grow To Be As Tall As the Giant” (and we come full circle)

+ Neutral Milk Hotel – “The King of Carrot Flowers Pt. I”
>> The White Stripes – “We’re Going to Be Friends” (enjoy the White Stripes… but I hate you for picking this song, Pandora)
>> Iron and Wine – “Love and Some Verses” (i’m dying here)

+ Barry Manilow – “Mandy”
>> Neil Diamond – “Sweet Caroline” (oh, FUCK YEAH!)
>> The Bee Gees – “How Deep Is Your Love?” (anddddddd we’re done.)


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