The Jersey Spin-off

A few weeks ago, we told you about the Persian-themed spin-off of MTV’s Jersey Shore. Frighteningly, yet predictably, that was just the beginning. Now, two more spin-offs have begun the development process (which, as anyone in entertainment can tell, doesn’t mean anything). But with that said, there is a chance that these nightmares of shows could one day become real-live series. So, what should we be looking out for?

Wicked Summer

Forget Jersey. Why not move up the coast to move down in classiness? After all, Bostonians are just as abrasive and arrogant as Jersey residents, right? Well, I guess we’ll all have the chance to find out. Location aside, Wicked Summer would be almost identical to Jersey Shore – summer setting, strangers sharing a house, and beach locale. Actually, put that way, it sounds like just another season of The Real World. But oh no, it’ll be much, much worse than just some drunk hot-tub threesomes and uneducated fights about politics. Trust me. One word: mass-holes.

Something tells me he isn't lining up to be cast. via Babble

Sunset Daze

Well, you won’t find this one on MTV. WEtv has moved forward with this series, about a group of senior strangers living together in a suburban Arizona home. I’m not kidding. Somehow, I don’t think wild hookups, drunken bar fights, and STDs will be the topics that dominate this house. However, as much as I want to diss this show, there is a strange Golden-Girl-loving side to me that is oddly intrigued…

There hasn't been this much drama since the Great Depression! via WEtv

What’s next? A brothel of prostitutes living together in Las Vegas? Oh wait, The Real World already did that…twice.


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