Let’s Celebrate Earth Day the Best Way We Know How… By Taking a Look at Our Failures.

My dear Los Angeles, we don’t win at everything. But we do hold the title for the most polluted city in America based on ozone pollution. (Pittsburgh wins the overall title for short-term particle pollution… how ’bout that, the area I’m from!)

via icanhazcheesburger

Remember when Al Gore was all up in our faces? It seemed like things were shaping up! Green was the new black, and we were going to turn our dastardly environmental ways around.

And then we didn’t.

I guess you could go plant a tree today or whatever. But you probably won’t. I guess just don’t dump any toxic waste into the ocean today. And maybe check out PORTFOLIO’s list of the worst environmentally offending corporations in America and send an angry email. And then volunteer with TreePeople, an LA-based environmental initiative that will hold your hand through the scary world of volunteerism and patchouli.

And if you’re feeling really neo, follow Greenpeace on Twitter (@greenpeaceusa).


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