Idol Hangover: The Six Survivors

Well, all I will say about this week is that I’m glad it’s over. Inspired was the last thing I felt after the performances this week, and I think America felt likewise. Even the week’s top contestants were off their games, and only Crystal really shined. Hopefully next week will give us something to look forward…

I guess urbanization isn't as widespread as we thought. via Flickr

1. Crystal Bowersox – She CRIED. There is no way in the Idol handbook that you can possibly beat a performance with genuine tears. Sorry. It’s just as simple as that. (same as last week)

2. Lee Dewyze – Some are now murmuring about the inevitably of a Crystal-Lee finale. I wouldn’t go that far, and I think it’s too early to say whether this competition is anywhere near wrapped up yet. However, Lee does have a very strong chance of being in the finale…especially if other people keep stumbling. (up one)

3. Casey James – …Speaking of people stumbling…Casey was not on top of his game this week. He went through the motions, got out the notes where he needed to, and did a ho-hum rendition of a normally great song. But, where’s the emotion? The vulnerability? I’m waiting for the personality to break through – it’s gonna take some emotional appeal to bring Casey into the final two…just remember there are only 4 weeks left to make it happen. (down one)

4. Siobhan Magnus – While she also underperformed this week, she also wasn’t in the bottom 3. There’s something to be said for being one of the only two females left in the competition – and I think it will get her through one or two more rounds. However, if the singing doesn’t come back to the level it was at when the season began, she’s in trouble. (same as last week)

5. Aaron Kelly – I didn’t think his performance last night was as terrible as some of his past weeks on Idol, but I still found it mute-worthy. The bottomline is that there really isn’t a market for him. David Archuleta already has narrow “Tween Idol” market covered  (and he happened to be 10x better than Aaron, by the way). (up 1)

6. Michael Lynche – Between him and Aaron, it’s hard to pick a contestant I like less. However, I think that Shania Twain will really trip him up next week – country isn’t exactly what the self-proclaimed soul singer is used to. And, on top of that, let’s not forget he’s already been eliminated once (saved or not). (up 1)

With six left and six gone, we’ve cut half of our final 12. Hopefully, the second half of this competition heats up and leaves us feeling a lot hotter than the first half. Otherwise, Idol‘s going to be losing some serious heat going into it’s post-Simon era.


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2 responses to “Idol Hangover: The Six Survivors

  1. Casey got over-criticized for a performance that equaled Lee’s which was deemed a moment. I always feel like “am I in crazy town” after Lee’s rave reviews. I guess it’s good if you like your music off key. Crystal is good but I just don’t get that style. If you watched Idol gives back, Joss Stone does what Bowersocks does 100x better.

  2. Beanie…I agree 110%!! I do not get what the judges are seeing with Lee…he’s always off key and boring! And I don’t understand a word he’s saying. I like him personally, but why he gets all the rave reviews and Casey, who’s consistently terrific, gets bashed! They always say, “good vocals BUT…! BUT WHAT? What the hell are they looking for? Whatever it is, Lee doesn’t exude personality, charm, or talent! I’ve never been an Idol watcher (until Lambert) and probably won’t watch it if Casey gets eliminated. I think they’ve been unfairly biased against him from the beginning!

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