Idol Hangover: The Final 7 Perform

In case you didn’t catch last night’s American Idol (Madonna on GLEE???), here are last night’s three best performances:

Casey James – I don’t get what the judges want from him. He isn’t an R&B singer or looking to be so overly sappy that he sucks the life out of your TV. It was one of the most enthusiastic songs of the night, and one of the few I didn’t want to change the channel on.

Lee Dewyze – Like Casey, his performance was one of the few that I didn’t have to cringe through. It wasn’t like past standout songs he’s done, but this week was generally weeker across the board.

Crystal Bowersox – Tonight she proved why she’ll be in the finale. She felt the song, and it showed the entire way through.

Who’s in danger tonight?
I know that some of the judges liked him, but I thought Aaron Kelly‘s performance was one of the most over-the-top, grossly sugary, and ridiculous songs in Idol history. It doesn’t help that he sang one of my least favorite songs of all time. Tim Urban and Siobhan were only so-so, but I think Aaron deserves to go home. We’ll see if that’s actually what happens…

Inspiring? No, not at all. Painful, quite frankly.


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