GLEEcap: The Power of Madonna

In case you missed it last night (or American Idol‘s run-over made you miss the last 2 minutes of the episode), here were the best three moments of GLEE‘s eagerly anticipated episode “The Power of Madonna.”

“Just Like A Prayer” – Full Cast – Probably Madonna’s most well known song, and the appropriate climax of an incredible episode.

“Four Minutes” – Mercedes & Kurt – While I wasn’t so into this one when I found out it would be on the episode, it was executed incredibly. Just like they’ve been pleading on the show, its clear that Amber and Kurt definitely deserve their time to shine.

Video here.

“Like a Virgin” – Rachel, Jesse, Finn, Santana, Will and Emma – Sure, it’s one of the most cliche Madonna songs around, but the choreography and intensity really built up this scene. For a song that can often sound so tired and karaoke, it sounded great, and looked even fresher. (sorry for the video’s bad quality)


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One response to “GLEEcap: The Power of Madonna

  1. I wrote a post about last night’s show as well. Check it out @ Well done post by the way!

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