BAND OF MISFITS: Where Will the LOST Cast End Up Once the Curtain Closes?

Many a LOST character has come and gone… either by being blown up, drowning, or some other pleasant way of getting offed. A handful of our original characters are still going strong, but where will they go once LOST ends and its time to get the hell outta Hawaii? Here are a couple places the remainders could go once the ride is over —


Where she’s been :: A party line commercial, THE HURT LOCKER…

Where she’s going :: Probably a slew of action flicks. If she’s lucky, some BOURNE IDENTITY-quality stuff. If she’s not… FAST AND THE FURIOUS IV. Should avoid horror movies, as she could also get stuck in that arena with those guns for arms.

MATTHEW FOX aka Jack Shepard


Where he’s going :: Matty’s been making movies pretty consistently throughout his stint on LOST, some good (VANTAGE POINT), some bad (SPEED RACER.) Hasn’t so much broken out in the feature world so far. But was pretty funny in SMOKIN’ ACES. Possibly Ben Afflect-esque career trajectory, hopefully without the crash and burn. With a generic enough piece of historical material, I could see a possible Oscar nod.


Where he’s been :: Cool Water cologne commercial, random TV crap I haven’t heard of

Where he’s going :: Oo, here’s a wild card for ya. Acting chops are so-so, but hot factor is high. TV is probably in his future, maybe a small stint in some action or western-y movies. Would have been amazing in WILD WILD WEST alongside Will Smith. Could see him rocking a USA or TNT show, as the lead even.

TERRY O’ QUINN aka John Locke

Where he’s been :: Lots of small TV roles and TV mini-series

Where he’s going :: A great actor — maybe some time on the stage? Or maybe I’m overshooting. Probably a CIA or FBI type show with him as the head honcho, where his bald head can really shine. Wouldn’t be surprised if ABC decided to keep him on board.

NAVEEN ANDREWS aka Sayid Jarrah

Where he’s been :: Bollywood, GRINDHOUSE

Where he’s going :: Might become a Hollywood typecast villain. Can’t see him staying on TV. But in real life, he seems like a little bit of a loose cannon (remember the make-out scandal?), so he might just shack up on a yacht off the coast of France and disappear for a while.


Where he’s been :: Teensy Weensy roles here and there

Where he’s going :: Could see him getting into the latin comedy world. He’s already in with George Lopez, and business is booming. Hopefully doesn’t end up in a bunch of straight-to-DVD movies alongside America Ferrera, but you can never tell.


Where he’s been :: Small TV roles mostly, being one hot ass Asian

Where he’s going :: Already has a spot on HAWAII FIVE-0 for CBS, which may fail epically. In that case, he is pure gold to play a too-cool-for-school crime ring boss or an Asian James Bond.

YUNJIN KIM aka Sun Kwon

Where she’s been :: Korean TV/movies

Where she’s going :: I don’t know if Yunjin would stick around doing American stuff after LOST is done. Might take the modeling path, probably not in America though.

EMILIE DE RAVIN aka Claire Littleton

Where she’s been :: BRICK, REMEMBER ME, ROSWELL

Where she’s going :: We got a budding Zooey Deschanel on our hands here, the blond version. Already has dug her way into fans’ hearts and starred in a movie with Robert Pattinson. Expect to see her in a bunch of romantic comedies, a few indies, and maybe even… an indie romantic comedy or two.


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