Grab Some Grub: Nobu

Sure, the classic may be a Malibu staple, but Nobu Matsuhisa’s newer outpost, on La Cienega Blvd in West Hollwood, is the trendier, showier sibling in town. Like other Japanese hotspots in LA (Katsuya, Katana, etc.), the menu has all of the crowd-pleasers: spicy tuna with crispy rice, yellowtail with jalapeno, and creamy rock shrimp tempura. What Nobu does do different – and excels in is the presentation.

More spicy tuna crispy rice, please. via Eater LA

Made up of many smaller rooms around a large central dining room, Nobu makes you feel cozy, even though you’re in the heart of La Cienega (and West Hollywood). The service is so helpful and attentive that you’ll almost feel like you want them to back off (and I’m sure they would in a heartbeat if you actually asked). However, while the waiters and your surrounding may make you feel at ease; taking a look at the other diners – ridiculously overtanned, overdyed, and generally overdone may make you think twice about eating.

How many calories are in a cucumber roll? via LA Times

If you can keep your attention on the food and the decor and off the other diners, Nobu is a generally pleasant experience that will result in you leaving a lot fuller, a little drunker, and generally happy.

Nobu is located at 903 N. La Cienega Blvd. Reservations can be made at 310.657.5711.


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