Wristband Tan Lines: Reports from the Coachella Front Line

Coachella 2010 has come and gone. We were tan and burnt and dehydrated, but we survived. Amazing weekend, amazing music. No major disasters. What more can you ask for? If you missed it, here’s the rundown —

AND HOW WAS JAY-Z..? :: All right, I’ll admit that I was a little skeptical for this one. Little afraid he might dial it in for the hipsters after all these years. But au contraire, he grinned from ear to ear during his whole set, running through a repertoire of his old favorites with his amazing back-up band. And then Beyonce joined him on stage for his “Forever Young” remix, thereby solidifying them as the cutest celebrity couple I’ve ever seen.

MM’S FAVORITE SLEEPER HIT :: Avett Brothers. Indie-country-folk band. Dudes rocked the shit out of their set. A must-see live.

THE HIGHLIGHTS :: Passion Pit turned into a tidal wave dance party. LCD Soundsystem broke out their souzamaphones and watchmacallits and created a grand spectacle. Julian Casablancas was like ecstasy without the comedown.

FAILURE ON SATURDAY :: MGMT. Tried to play a bunch of tracks off their second [lackluster] album. Proved unsuccessful, as the crowd just watched on, bored. Provoked Andrew VanWyngarden to awkwardly tell the audience to buy their new album. Collars were promptly pulled away from necks.

…AND THEN THERE WAS SLY STONE... :: Woodstock legend Sly Stone had his show postponed 4 hours, but then showed up a mess, ranting and raving about a lawsuit he’s in with his ex-manager. A confused audience looked on as he told them all about how he had been sleeping in hotels and could only now afford to buy shoes. After losing his balance and generally unable to hold his shit together, it was clear this show was dead on arrival. Biggest shame of the festival by far.


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One response to “Wristband Tan Lines: Reports from the Coachella Front Line

  1. I totally agree with you about MGMT! It was so disappointing…Their second album is so terrible and all they wanted to do was play their new stuff…Oh…and they didn’t play “Kids”? WTF?

    Highlight for me was seeing Thom Yorke playing “Everything in It’s Right Place” on just the piano…Amazing.

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