Grab Some Grub: Akasha

Culver City has been getting a lot of buzz recently – for gentrification, urban planning, and the rise of great restaurants. One of the most buzzed about is Akasha, from the chef of the same name. Specializing in healthy, sustainable fare, this restaurant has found its niche in a strong group of health-crazed, sometimes “vegetarian” followers. However, don’t be tricked – their pork chops, steak, and other non-vegan fare is just as good as their quinoa and rice-crusted onion rings.

Light up my life. via Eater LA

One of the most interesting aspects of Akasha is the restaurant’s modern yet comfortable interior. While many other restaurants fall into the trap of being overly dark to set “the mood,” Akasha was incredible well lit – but not to the point of awkwardness for first-daters. The layout was also well thought out – tables were close enough to eavesdrop, but not jammed to the point of being a part of your neighbor’s conversation. On top of all the that, the bar seemed to be vibrant and packed from early evening to close.

Pinot Grigio is the key to my heart. via Paisley Petunia

If you’re in the mood for a night out in Culver City (not quite hipster, not quite Hollywood), Akasha is great for any occasion. Make sure to check out the cocktail menu – its hibiscus margarita is sweet and sinful at the same time.

Akasha is located at 9543 Culver Blvd in Culver City. Reservations can be made at 310.845.1700.


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One response to “Grab Some Grub: Akasha

  1. Akasha is great… def one of the best restaurants I’ve been to recently. If you’re a foursquare user they have some deals… free coffee with your first check in!

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