You are now friends with Failbook

Unless you’ve been living under in a bomb shelter since the ’50s, you know what Facebook is. Well, now meet your new best friend, Failbook. Similar in tone to FAILblog, Texts From Last Night, FML, and other embarrassing story sites, Failbook captures all of the extreme awkward moments you see on Facebook and puts them on another open forum so they can be spread even further around the world.

Take a hint. via Failbook

I know most of our parents will have absolutely no idea what Failbook is and how the thought of your awkward Facebook moments being spread like gossip could make for both great humor and intense embarrassment, but I think it’s comparable to what they would have felt like if they tripped on pavement in front of a group of onlookers. Except- without the physical injury and a lot more damage to your self esteem. Still, you can’t help but laugh at the dumbass that fell on the floor. And, likewise, I can’t help but laugh at the idiots opening themselves up for awkwardness on Facebook.


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