Grab Some Grub: CUT by Wolfgang Puck

If you’ve never visited it before, the Beverly Wilshire Hotel is one of Los Angeles’ must for tourists and residents alike. It’s been the scene of fairytale weddings, historic meetings, and power lunches for decades. Sure, some may call it gaudy or old-fashioned, but that gives it part of its charm. Among all the decadence, is one of LA’s trendiest eateries by a chef who is just as much a part of this city’s history as the hotel his restaurant inhabits: Wolfgang Puck.

No one eating = no celebrities = no fun. via

While Spago may not be the trendsetter it was in the 80’s, and his other restaurants like Chinois on Main are more low key, CUT by Wolfgang Puck continues to bring in A-listers years after its premiere. Part of its charm is the ultra-modern feel the restaurant has in the middle of a hotel so well known for excess. It also helps that the service, the food, and the decor are all spot on.

Her face has been more photoshopped than that portrait. via Beanstockd

A meal at CUT isn’t complete without analyzing the significance of the oversize celebrity faces current gracing the walls (you can tell they’re a bit outdated since Heidi’s face doesn’t look like that anymore). In addition, you can’t go home without a waiter explaining the different cuts of meat the restaurant offers by bringing them all out raw…on a slab. With so many tastes to take in, and people to watch all night long, you’ll be sad when the check finally comes…and not just because of the price tag.

CUT by Wolfgang Puck is located at 9500 Wilshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills. Reservations can be made at 310.275.5200.


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