Idol Hangover: The Lucky 7

Like I said last week, in a week with two eliminations, you never know what you’re going to get. Well, you do of do with Andrew Garcia getting eliminated. But Katie Stevens? That was a shocker. The competition is definitely getting fierce, and it’s clear that things are starting to get tighter towards the end. Next week, only half of our original 12 will remain, and it’s getting hard to say who deserves to make the cut…

A hound dog? You ain't nothin' but Idol rejects. via Flickr

1. Crystal Bowersox – I really hate keeping her up at the top, but I can’t see this week affecting her stature that much. Her performance was far from amazing, but it was definitely strong enough to keep her at the top of the pack. (same as last week)

2. Casey James – Like Katie, I don’t think his performance this week warrants movement up or down. The judges were split, but I think viewers generally approved. He has more commercial appeal than Crystal, but he’s still one or two unforgettable performances away from the top spot – we still haven’t seen that moment from him yet. (same as last week)

3. Lee Dewyze – This must be getting boring, but like the other two, I don’t think Lee’s performance justifies movement. He was probably stronger than Casey, but I think Casey has more girls locked up to vote for him. Although, if this string of great performances continues, that may change… (same as last week)

4. Siobhan Magnus – She isn’t moving down, but last night’s performance is certainly not moving her up. She needs to go back to where she started – to belting out the songs that mesh with her personality. Maybe “Inspiration Songs” week will give her that chance – if you can figure out what that theme even means. (same as last week)

5. Tim Urban – Here’s some movement, finally. Maybe Tim is like a fine wine – improving with time. It certainly isn’t hard given the poor way he started this season. Last night was by far his best performance to date – and if that continues next week, he’ll be able to stick around even longer than most expected. (up 3)

6. Aaron Kelly – He’s starting to show his weaknesses as others are shining more and more. Although, I will give his stylist props – whoever has been dressing him has made him look a thousand times better than the Clay Aiken inspired style he was rocking at the beginning of this season. (same as last week)

7. Michael Lynche – His time at the top has come, and gone. Almost being eliminated has definitely hurt his chances, and I think most viewers now see him as damaged goods. (same as last week)

Well, this is certainly interesting…only one big mover this week. Does that mean my predictions have been getting better? Or that the season has solidified? I think I’ll give myself the credit and say that I’m getting it pretty right. And with “Inspired” songs next week, I can already feel the struggle writing this post will cause…


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One response to “Idol Hangover: The Lucky 7

  1. I pretty much agree. I see Crystal on top, Casey and Lee as competing for the #2 spot, Siobhan needing to step things up but still in the #4 slot, and then Tim-Aaron-Mike in a big puddle of Don’t Have A Chance But Who Knows In What Order They’ll Go Home.

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