Idol Hangover: The (Still) Top 9 Perform

In case you didn’t catch last night’s American Idol (GLEE? Hell-o?!? Get it?), here are last night’s three best performances:

Tim Urban – Trust me, it shocks me to have his name among the best performances of the week. But, he’s started to prove his chops. That doesn’t mean there’s not a long way to go, but last night was a start.

Lee Dewyze – One of the only performances that could probably get radio play among last night’s group. He’s become just as solid as Crystal, with an edge on her in commercial ability.

Katie Stevens – This girl is on a roll. I think she’s found her stride and is going with it. Her confidence also seems to be booming along with it.

Forget luck being a lady – it looks like luck will be with the ladies tonight. So, who’s going home? Andrew Garcia? He looked dead dragging that microphone across the stage. And by the end of tomorrow, it looks like his career will be as lifeless. Aaron Kelly? While the Idol stylist has been really trying to make us forgot he’s 17 – it’s impossible. Tim’s rise in the rankings is shaping up to be his loss. Michael Lynche? I wish the save hadn’t been used last week. Regardless of what the judges said, I definitely wasn’t feeling his performance.

Elvis Night? Nah, definitely no Beatles night. But better than those disco nights they always used to torture viewers with.


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One response to “Idol Hangover: The (Still) Top 9 Perform

  1. crystal is not that great….she sounds the same from week to week……..did you notice that????

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