Boredom Squelchers: Top Contenders Edition

The top contenders for MM’s boredom-busting websites of the moment. Enjoy:

CUTE :: Pictures of bunnies, kitties, and other am-in-als ending in “-ies.” Try not to throw up on your computer from all the adorable-ness.

And a followup… FAT :: Just… read the name.

AWKWARD FAMILY :: What better way is there to pass the time than by making fun of others, specially family photos from the 80’s, unfortunate senior pictures, and the likes. :: Hilarious facebook messages, statuses, pictures. Plenty of asshole commentary for your amusement.

DEARCOKETALK :: Yeah, I know, Coke Talk is in our blogroll… but it’s worth another link. Anonymous party girl in Hollywood serves up biting advice that actually makes perfect sense most of the time. Advice is always served best with a little Coke.


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