Grab Some Grub: Cache

Santa Monica has a large selection of great restaurants – and Main Street is certainly not a place that lacks a vibrant nightlife. However, even with so many options, one of its newest establishments feel distinct and fresh in the coastal neighborhood. Cache may be easy to miss since its somewhat set back from the street (and in a strange office complex), but once you step inside, you’ll realize it’s one place you definitely don’t want to miss.

Bars without lines = better than bars with lines. via Swell City Guide

Serving up Californian cuisine, from Asian-inspired fish dishes to Italian pizettes, almost everything at Cache is a winning choice. While it is a simple and somewhat boring side, their French Fries were probably some of the best I’ve tried in Los Angeles – super fresh, but super salty and crunchy, and almost good enough to justify being fat – but not quite once you remember to look around and see the average size of LA residents.

300 yearly days of sunlight is a good thing for Cache. via Zagat

After hours, Cache turns into a lounge – something that it seems perfectly outfitted for, as the restaurant is laid out on a long patio, with only a small portion inside. On the patio, a DJ spins tunes, drinkers lounge on couches by a huge fire pit, and diners can eat nearby in the relative seclusion of semi-open private grotto rooms. While getting to Main Street may not always be convenient or quick, this is one place worth the drive.

Cache is located at 3310 Main Street in Santa Monica. Reservations can be made at 310.399.4800.


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