The Secret Life of Aziz

via MTV

Aziz Ansari is a god among men. But what’s amazing is the kind of random shit his brain churns out and then passes onto us as comedy gold. Aziz may haveĀ  killed traditional stand-up, but he’s replaced it with something far better.

Darwish versus Harris :: Aziz got his two younger cousins to join Twitter… and then got them into an all-out war with each other over ultimate fandom. It’s no coincidence that his website is called “Aziz is Bored.”

Randyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :: Did you see FUNNY PEOPLE? Yeah, I know I can’t give you back those 5 hours of your life. But how great was Aziz’s fictional comedian Randy and his in-house DJ? FUNNY PEOPLE should have been 100% Randy. Check out some more Rannnndyyyyy stand-up below:

TheRealPFChangs :: Aziz recently created PF Chang’s Twitter… with or without their permission. With tweets like, “PF Club’s new integrated nightclubs – Chang’s After Dark – are now OPEN in all California locations,” I can’t imagine the midwestern-y Chinese chain will stand for this much longer. But until then, let’s sit back, laugh, and enjoy some shrimp fried hilarity.


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2 responses to “The Secret Life of Aziz

  1. I’m with you on this one. HILARIOUS. that PF Changs thing… amazing.

  2. What a fun Ha Ha Ha ha. . . . . .

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