Idol Hangover: And Then There Were 9…Again

You have to love the judge’s save – it’s the most American thing about American Idol – putting off the inevitable, trying to be optimistic about what’s bound to happen. Did Michael Lynche deserve to be kicked off? No, there were definitely people much worse. But did he deserve to be saved? In my opinion? No. Ruben Studdard 2.0 will just end up going home next week or the week after.

Look at All Those Lonely People, indeed. via Flickr.

1. Crystal Bowersox – She cruised through yet another week, proving to be as consistent as she has throughout this entire season. At this point, it’s going to take a string of some terrible performances to keep her from making it to the final 4.  (same as last week)

2. Casey James – With arguably the best performance of Beatles night, he has solidified himself as more than just a pretty face. With a couple of solid performances in a row, he’s established himself as a frontrunner, and it seems inevitable that he’ll make it to the end. (same as last week)

3. Lee Dewyze – While last night was not as strong as last week’s, it was still one of the more memorable performances of the evening (a bagpipist!?). He does sound a bit like David Cook at times – and his career has gone nowhere – but he seems a bit more likable, which could be his saving grace. (same as last week)

4. Siobhan Magnus – She was definitely back on last night – and has been proving herself to be the wildcard in this competition. However, as strong as she is, she could quickly go down in a surprise elimination like past favorite Carly Smithson did. (up 1)

5. Katie Stevens – I’ll be the first to admit that I underated her in the beginning. Last night’s performance eerily reminded me of a young Kelly Clarkson…and hopefully, if she keeps it up, she can become the next KC. My life may one day suck without her. (up 2)

6. Aaron Kelly – Forgetable performance, bottom three appearance – are we close to the end yet? (same as last week)

7. Michael Lynche – All I can say is WOW. I definitely thought Michael would go further in this competition, since he was initially a big frontrunner. I guess a string of lackluster performances and a lack of commercial potential may have had an effect – while he may make it a bit longer in this race, he’s now damaged goods – and his fate is clear. (down 3)

8. Tim Urban – I’m shocked he wasn’t in the final three, but not stunned that he wasn’t eliminated. His popularity must be much stronger than I expected – but that only can keep you going without strong vocals for so long. (up 1)

9. Andrew Garcia – Has he had a good performance since becoming a part of the Final 12? I don’t think so. ‘Nuf said.  (down 1)

The biggest movers this week? Katie and Michael. Katie has risen for two weeks in a row – and is dangerously close to making me think she’s going to be around for a lot longer than expected. And Michael…ouch…he’s fallen 6 spots in 2 weeks…that has to hurt. But will it prove fatal?


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5 responses to “Idol Hangover: And Then There Were 9…Again

  1. Siobhan is a screeching nightmare who hasn’t sang on key for even one entire song! And, the only thing that saved her this week was her pathetic sob story about her sisters. Putting her at #4 is ridiculous – Mike, Katie and Aaron all have WAY better voices than her.

  2. Shel? That’s so mean of you. Have you no sympathy? I think Tim should win. Crystal would just be another boring Idol.

  3. Tim Urban is the worst LOL.

  4. Siobhan is my favorite along with that Crystal chick

  5. I really like Tim. Although he doesn’t have the strongest voice, I think he could still improve it given the chance. He proved this last week that he does actually have a fairly good voice to back him up; he just needs to pick the songs that suit his voice best. Katie is amazing with her new young KC sound. I loved that performance.

    My Favorites (In Order):
    1) Tim (Although maybe not the best singer at the moment, he has such a personality to him. While that may not be a fair way to like him, he has shown improvement with his voice this week, for sure.)
    2) Katie (Although I was worried about her for a little while, she seems to have proved that there’s a reason she’s made it this far.)
    3) Crystal (Everyone seems to love her, which is why I have a hard time loving her. I’m kind of a lover of underdogs – which is probably why I like Tim so much – but she has an alright voice, I’ll give her that.)
    4) Lee (While he seems to lack the likable personality in the competition, he does have talent with his voice, and he could definantly pull off the rock sound.)
    5) Siobhan (While her scream does get distracting sometimes, she has the talent and could definantly do well if she makes the right choices.)
    6) Mike (While he used to be my second favorite guy – under Tim – he seems to have struggled more and more lately, and Lee has taken his spot.)
    7) Aaron (While I love his voice and innocence, he, like both Tim and Katie need improvement. And since they’re all young, I can see them improving their voices in their future.)
    8) Kasey (People say that Tim is voted for by all of the teenieboppers – not nesseccarily true by the way – no one seems to think that Kasey is kind of the same deal. Everyone I talk to thinks that he’s this cute, good-looking guy, and I think way too much is based on that. While his voice is decent, I don’t think he’s better than any of the other guys except….)
    9) Andrew (He really needs to leave now. He’s had maybe one performance I’ve liked since the Top Twelve. He needs to go so I can stop complaining about it.)

    So, my hope is that the bottom 2 next week will be Andrew and Kasey, but we know that probably won’t happen. So in all reality, (and remember this is before anyone has even performed for this next week) my guess is that it will be Andrew (and if it’s not, I will spazz like a 5 year old) and possibly any of the following:

    1) Mike – I don’t think the Judge’s Save will do him much good. If America wants him off, he’ll go off.
    2) Tim – I seem to be one of the few who enjoy his voice. Our whole family does, actually. Any album he may come out with, is definantly one I will buy.
    3) Aaron – He’s had his share of weak performances. And it’s possible that he might go.
    4) Siobahn – While I think she is good, she is the weakest of the girls, in my opinion.
    5) Kasey – His performances have been shakey and inconsistant, so there’s a chance he could go too, depending on his performence.

    If Crystal, Katie, and Lee sing like they have the past two or three weeks, I have no doubt that they’ll be safe.

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