First, the Jersey Shore… Now the Persian Version?

All right. We all know my feelings on JERSEY SHORE — it was perfection. But now a slew of other ethnicity spin-offs are coming through the wire, and I’m not sure how I feel about this.

Jersey is gonna take over, one ethnicity at a time... via one 37 (fuckyeahsnookishop)

First, there are the Asians partying in Koreatown. Instead of ham, I’m sure we’ll see some ketchup spaghetti and yumburgers from Jollibee being drunkenly consumed. Then you got the J.S. producers creating a show literally called… THE PERSIAN VERSION. Okay, gotcha. Then there are the Russians in Brighton Beach, which is such a random group that I doubt anyone who doesn’t live within 5 miles of this place knows that this Russian section exists.

Look, JERSEY SHORE was amazing… we all had a good laugh at some tan people’s expense. But these people weren’t all Italian (i.e., JWoww, Snooki), and they weren’t all from the Jersey Shore. These spin-offs are getting too niche, and edging a little too close to the racism side of things.

But let’s be honest, I’ll watch them anyway. And not just for the sake of the blog, but for the sake of shitty TV everywhere. God bless reality TV.


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