The End of Jenny and Jim… And Other Couples That, Well, Lasted Longer Than We Thought They Would!

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey announced they were broken up over Twitter yesterday after 5 years of dating. Am I going to ramble on about the fact that they announced their break-up over Twitter? Nay. I find it much more fascinating that this oddball couple managed to stay together all this time in the first place.

Confusion on the horizon

Making a list of random couples that actually stayed together is way too difficult in Hollywood. But here’s a list of mismatched couples that definitely lasted longer than we thought they would! —

Sandra Bullock ❤ Jesse James

Winning an Oscar, Losing a Man

I guess we all had gotten used to the idea of our 2-bit starlet and her bad ass husband, which would explain why we all threw up our morning Cheerios when we found out/remembered that Jesse James was a dirty rotten scoundrel. But once upon a time, our little mouths dropped when we discovered that America’s kind of sweetheart had hooked up with this biker dude.

Renee Zelleweger ❤ Bradley Cooper

You can run... but you can't hide.

Apparently these two are still going strong. Don’t let Renee Z. babysit your children. She’ll inevitably start dating one of them.

Alanis Morrisette ❤ Ryan Reynolds

Canadian Bacon

Well… they were both… Canadian. If that counts for anything. But it sure was strange to see the anti-men rocker palling around with the comedian dreamboat. Well, now he’s married to Scarlett Johannsen and the world of good looking people has been set right again. Kind of… ironic, don’t you think?

Julia Roberts ❤ Lyle Lovett

creepier than a headless doll

When it comes to rock stars, looks are not an issue. If they rock, you want their cock. But in this case… well, Lyle isn’t so much a rock star as just someone who happens to make music of some sort. And Julia was so shiney and smiley — the couple just didn’t seem right from the get-go. And like always, we — America — were right, and we ripped them down off their high tower with our cynicism canes.


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