Blinded by the Smog: Blind Items 4.7.10

Which tenpercentery has an assistant going around the building, sending naked photos of herself to agents and other assistants with the tagline “Can I get some face time?” I know some actors and actresses who’ve done this in the past – but agency assistants? Has Hollywood hit a new low?


Rumor has it that a certain blogging phenom has an upcoming birthday this weekend. Who’s invited and who hasn’t made the cut? With three girls all celebrating their big days, this one is sure to be a big bash. The party’s not only taking place in the Wood, but in the Woods.

It's hazy out there. via Flickr


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2 responses to “Blinded by the Smog: Blind Items 4.7.10

  1. I have no idea who either of these could be – but really curious! Sounds like you guys got some insider scoopage!

  2. -Hollywood a new low?? <— Thats funny!
    Let's all send pictures to everyone we know and everyone they know. (The 6 degrees of seperation thinngy) That way everyone will be naked, and looking at each other!!

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