Has Lost Found its Footing?

If you read my last diatribe about Lost, you’re probably under the impression that I’ve given up on the show by now. That’s far from the case. While it isn’t the shocker that would leave me speechless each week like it once was (Season one finale, anyone?), it still gives me one of the best hours of entertainment on TV each week. This season has been a lesson in patience and managing expectations for me. While some episodes like season opener “LA X” only served to confuse me further, other episodes, like last week’s “The Package” and the week before’s “Ab Aeterno” have finally started to offer answers and closure to questions that have plagued us for so long.

"The End" is near. via Flickr

While we may not have final answers or anything that’s good enough to close the book on the mystery that is Lost, the growing proof that the past 6 seasons have been a Pandora’s box-type tale about good and evil is starting to come together. It’s the little moments this season about dark and light that have made my mind race all the way back to season one and realize that lilttle scenes like that of John Locke teaching Walt how to play backgammon are what the series has been all about. It’s also these moments that give me faith that this season is now back on track to a fulfilling conclusion. I guess that answers that whole fate vs. free will thing…

Foreshadowing is AWESOME. via Flickr

Here’s a look at what’s left for this season (and the series for that matter):

Tonight, 4/6 – “Happily Ever After” – a hotly anticipated Desmond-centric episode (which seems fitting given how last week’s episode ended)

4/13 – “Everybody Loves Hugo” – Hurley centric

4/20 – “The Last Recruit” – unknown who this will be about

4/27 – “The Candidate” – I guess whoever this episode is centric about will give away quite a bit about the show’s end.

5/4 – “Across the Sea” – Jacob & Man-in-Black centric – it’s impossible to explain the speculation that will surround this episode

5/11 – “What They Died For” – I’m getting tingly.

5/23 – “The End” Parts I & II – I can feel the tears already starting.

Let’s hope this season stays on track – because soon we won’t be able to look forward to what’s coming, and we’ll only be able to look back and try to put together the story we spent 6 years obsessing over.


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5 responses to “Has Lost Found its Footing?

  1. I pegged this show as pitting good vs. evil six years ago, including telling my girls it would end up that the cast was in a type of limbo/pergatory. It is all so obvious yet deliciously fun. Can’t wait to see how it ends! Interesting last week the revelation Kate is not on the list, that surprised me a little.

  2. KD. the producers stated that there is nothing about limbo/purgatory. nice job bragging that you’ve been wrong for 6 years.

  3. KD, the producers stated since the beginning that there’s nothing purgatory related. nice job bragging that you’ve been wrong for 6 years. epic fail.

  4. The Evil Marshall D

    They also said it wasn’t about time travel either.
    (“Desmond did not travel in time”).

    So you really can’t say if KD is right or wrong based on what you “think” the writers are thinking, or said. Not until “The End”. Epic overconfidence, given what you’ve been dragged through for this final season only to have proclaimed via Twitter, “It’s all about love.”.

  5. Hey, guys, don’t forget that “it only ends once. Everything until that is just progress”. Anything could be the case…still.

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