Grab Some Grub: Cecconi’s

In a city full of plastic surgeons, celebrities, and producers of makeover shows, the message is pretty clear that if you’re beautiful on the outside, the inside isn’t all that important. At Cecconi’s in West Hollywood, that seems to be further evidenced. Not only are the patrons beautiful, but so is the waitstaff, the decor, and the tranquil ambience. You get so captivated by the feeling that you’re in Italy that you may even forget what you’re eating…if you are among the patrons actually eating, that is.

Ce... Ce... Cecc' it out. via Flickr

In terms of layout, Cecconi is made up of a large outdoor patio, with an inner bar and surrounding dining room. While the bar is definitely scene, the place to be is undoubtedly the outdoor patio. Comfy couch seating and cozy tables provide an intimate atmosphere, and you are just close enough to your neighbors to hear about the commission they just pulled in on their client’s most recent pilot deal. With the open air above and meditteranean food in front of you, the Pacific Design Center right across the street will feel thousands of miles away.

Driveway for Maseratis only. via Flickr

While the dining experience is pleasurable and the people-watching is nearly unparalled in LA, the food is only so-so and getting in can be a serious pain. If you don’t book at least a week in advance, there’s no chance for you – unless you call from a CAA or WME number, and then their caller ID will tip them off that you should be listened to…sadly, I’m not kidding in their screening calls. Even with all of the pretension and drama, Cecconi’s is a place that is on nearly everyone’s must-try list for LA. And after all, if you can’t be famous, then you can be in with the famous.

Cecconi’s is located at 8746 Melrose Ave in West Hollywood. Reservations can be made at (310) 432-2000.


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