Grab Some Grub: Craft

In an era before the great recession, Tom Colicchio’s Craft was once a mecca for ICM and CAA agents to wine and dine clients and impress their industry counterparts. After the great recession, Craft has had to make some adjustments, and it’s now become watering hole for agents and assistants alike. While cheaper appetizers and drink specials have made this a reality, a full scale dinner at Craft is still reserved for those with paychecks above the poverty line.

The lone night destination in Century City. via Flickr

Unlike his establishments in New York and San Francisco, Colicchio’s LA outpost didnt’ catch on so quickly. It took some time, good word of mouth, and the addition of Craftbar to make it start filling up. Still, with all of that going for it, the restaurant is still only half-full many nights, and seems to stand isolated from the LA eating scene (probably because geographically, it is isolated).

Hash browns? If it's fried, it's going to be good. via Flickr

However, with location and clientele aside, the restaurant does serve excellent food. The items are semi-family style, with shared sides served in the middle of the table and small individual entrees served individually. It makes for some good tasting, but also guarantees that you won’t go hungry when eating there. Be sure to save room for dessert and the souvenir scone they serve you after you pay the bill. You probably won’t have room for it after dinner, but it makes for a great morning after breakfast.

Craft is located at 10100 Constellation Blvd in Century City. Reservations can be made at 310.279.4180.


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