Idol Hangover: It’s Time for the Final 9

In one of the first “surprise” eliminations of the year, we said goodbye to Didi Benami last night. True- her performance on Tuesday night was terrible – but did it warrant going home? No, that honor still belongs to Tim or Andrew…but hopefully, if last night was any indication, that time is soon.

I guess all the drama was good. It was a finale, after all. via Flickr

1. Crystal Bowersox – Crystal may not have “been herself” this week according to Simon, but she was all that the viewers wanted her to be. Her performance was solid, she showed off a side people hadn’t seen before, and she looked great doing it.  (same as last week)

2. Casey James – I don’t know if he’s the most talented person of the bunch, but he sure is a crowd pleaser. If he manages to find his stride now and powers through the rest of the competition, he could really go all the way. Hopefully, he figures out that country is his thing and doesn’t sway too far out of that range (up 1)

3. Lee Dewyze – Only history will tell if this move is too dramatic, but I think it’s warranted. Lee’s definitely improving each week, and if this week was an indication, he could be the dark horse to upset the party. (up 3)

4. Michael Lynche – People love him, and there’s nothing horrible about him. The problem? There’s nothing too exciting about him either. He reminds me of Ruben Studdard – a good singer, and very likable – but in the end, not commercially viable in any way. (down 2)

5. Siobhan Magnus – Last night was probably her weekest to date, but she’s still a force in this competition. Shockingly, I guess R&B isn’t the thing for a Boston-born pixie-looking ballad singer. (down 1)

6. Aaron Kelly – A ho-hum night for a ho-hum singer all season long. Better than some, but still – nothing there worth raving about. (up 1)

7. Katie Stevens – At the bottom of the competition, it’s a serious toss-up as to who’s going to go home next. The least likely? Probably Katie? With 3 girls going home in the past 3 weeks, someone’s got to break up the streak. (up 1)

8. Andrew Garcia – The judges loved his rendition of Chris Brown’s “Forever,” but I found it painful. While it may have been an up week for him considering the disasters in past rounds, it still didn’t connect with most people and he landed in the bottom 3 again. It’s only a matter of time.  (up 1)

9. Tim Urban – Simon must be on to something. He knew that Tim’s performance last night was not good, but also predicted that he would not be the one to go home. Tim’s charm, likability, and good looks are undeniably the only things keeping him on this show – since it certainly isn’t his singing. Let’s see how much longer her can hold on. (up 1)

The biggest movers this week? Lee and Michael. While Lee solidified his newfound spot at the top of the pack, Michael’s been slipping recently, and this week was just the continuation of that trend. Let’s see how they hold up next week. One thing is certain – there aren’t many girls left…


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5 responses to “Idol Hangover: It’s Time for the Final 9

  1. Agree with you largely, but I think you may be underestimating Aaron….I could imagine lots of little pre-teen girls spending tons of time pounding in phone votes for him…
    I also think Casey is very likable and talented, but to win I think he will have to put down his crutch (the guitar), and show us that he has the best vocal ability. I like him, but I don’t think he can do it.
    Crystal will probably win it based on performances to date, but I could see Lee moving up steadily and even ending up in the final two against Crystal.


  3. I disagree with the part about Didi. She’s a beautiful and talented girl, but her singing abilities from the very start made me wonder how she ever got into the top 24, much less top 10. Lee reminds me of David Cook, whom I like, but Lee doesn’t quite have that pizzaz that Cook has. As for Crystal, she’s always the one I want to hear…she hasn’t let me down yet. I also think Aaron has a great talent, but there’s a likability factor going on with him as far as older voters go. He will get the teen votes.

    The judges this year are so wishy-washy, especially Kara. One week they tell Katie to pick something young – next week they rate her low for doing something young. She hasn’t had a break from the judges yet. She’s very talented.

    My predictions: 1) Crystal ( 2) Siobhan (3) Lee (4) Michael. Andrew and Tim need to go home, soon, even though Tim has a great personality. But it’s all about singing talent, not smiling.

    • I am pretty much in the same boat with you about everyone. I think Katie has the whole package for an American Idol but you are right, the judges haven’t given her a break at all. It sounds like they are confusing her on perpose when it comes to song choice!!

      I thought Crystal sounded good singing this week but looked nervous and awkward at the piano to the point where I wondered if she lost her words. She only sang a total of what 10-12 words the whole song. It was just weird for me.

      I have tried to like Andrew but I close my eyes and listen to his voice and don’t hear the talent anymore.

      Aaron has a really good country/pop recording voice and both Aaron and Katie have age on their side. They can be molded and can perfect their craft!

      As for Tim, I don’t run from the room crying when he sings certain songs. Easy on the eyes and young girls love him. I don’t see him on broadway but possibly on T.V.

  4. i don’t know who is voting for Tim but those people are really retarded. Tim needs to go home and let the do their job=sing. he’s a clown…

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