GREEK Cancelled? WHAT?!?

While graduating college may end your dorm days, it certainly doesn’t make you grow up overnight. After wrapping up the best four years of my life (in what increasingly seems like a decade ago), I’ve been reliving my frat days vicariously through ABC Family’s Greek.

Memories of my college daze. via Flickr

While the show has definitely had its ups and downs, it has remained fairly consistent and generally true to the college experience (unlike say, Saved by the Bell: The College Years or Gossip Girl). Red solo cups, awkward date parties, and stupid sorority power struggles – they’re all there. So, when I found out the frightening news that Greek was on ABC Family’s list of shows awaiting potential cancellation, it shook me to the core.

It’s true, I have grown up in many ways since receiving my diploma- but I have resisted it as best I can to remain an undergraduate at heart. Whether it be my annual return to Northwestern’s biggest party of the year (Dillo Day), an undying love of flip cup and dive bars, or my inability to differentiate Franzia or Carlo Rossi from “good” wine – it’s been hard to stay young forever. Greek is one of my last strongholds of those days gone by.

M.T.B. via Flickr

Thankfully, the gods high on Olympus have heard my prayers, and Greek has been spared the cruel fate of undeserved cancellation. It will return for one final 10-episode season late this summer…just in time for the Class of 2014’s New Student Week. Wow, do I feel old.


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