Old Vegas in New LA

via Venturi Scott Brown and Associates Philadelphia

Of all the things I’m sad I missed as a child of Generation X, Vegas in the 60’s is a major one. The decadence, the class, the escape — it’s just not what you get from a Vegas vacation anymore.

From Mar. 21 – Jun. 20, the MOCA will be celebrating this slice of American debauchery with the exhibit LAS VEGAS STUDIO: IMAGES FROM THE ARCHIVES OF ROBERT VENTURI AND DENISE SCOTT BROWN at the Pacific Design Center. Compiled by the architects Venturi and Brown, the photographs are an analysis of the good, the bad, and the ugly of Vegas architecture. But more than that, they give us a look back at that world of furs and expensive scotch and hidden guns in said furs. And anything else CASINO tells me went down during that era.

Pacific Design Center
8687 Melrose Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 289-5223


Contact the author at mmthesmogger@gmail.com.

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One response to “Old Vegas in New LA

  1. Cool shot,
    Sadly i’ve never been to vegas.

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