HOT TUB TIME MACHINE and other awesomely bad movies… that are awesome.

Dear HOT TUB TIME MACHINE — you tried, you sort of succeeded… but you were at least fun to watch and enough of a distraction from the $12 I spent on the ticket.

Still, I longed for the so-bad-it’s-good movies of yore! Because if there’s one thing American cinema is great at, it’s making movies that are so ridiculously bad/weird that they glue our eyes to the screen. And now, a list of some awesomely bad movies to cure your  HOT TUB TIME MACHINE hangover –

WEEKEND AT BERNIES is a fine film, and I would never include it in a list of awesomely bad movies… but WEEKEND AT BERNIES II is a different story. Remember in the first movie where Jonathan Silverman and Andrew McCarthy (in their choicest roles) pretend their dead boss is still alive so they can  party at his beach house all weekend? Well, now they got a voodoo spell put on him, and he can walk around like a real person… except only when he hears music.

This seems to be pretty much the inspiration for HOT TUB TIME MACHINE’S flashback to the 80’s ski resort party culture. Everything was so bright and windproof back then, and almost made it seem like fun to be in a freezing snow tundra drinking mai tais. Point for George Lopez cameo. Two points for the creepy guy with schizophrenia with 2 masks on the sides of his head.

Okay, this movie is pretty creepy– half because of the duck human, half because I’ve heard that the ghost of Lea Thompson actually shows up in your living room every time you watch this movie and whispers the highlights of her career to you in her breathy mini-voice. HOWARD is considered one of the worst movies of all time, but I mean, take one look at the rock out scene from the ending and tell me your heart didn’t just fill with pure, 80’s joy.


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One response to “HOT TUB TIME MACHINE and other awesomely bad movies… that are awesome.

  1. hot tub time machine is awesome.

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