Grab Some Grub: Cafe Vida

While it may be fun to post about restaurants like The Bazaar and Tavern, I normally hit up places that tend to be significant lower in price, but no less delicious. One of my favorite standbys is Cafe Vida in Pacific Palisades. While you can’t make reservations here, that hasn’t stopped it from being one of the hardest places to get into.

Power up with your weekend. via Flickr

On typical weekend, the restaurant is overflowing with yoga-moms, insane children with Ray Bans, and private school teens using their parents’ credit cards. If you’re lucky enough to get seated, it’s hard to go wrong with their menu. The breakfast quesadilla, morning wrap, chicken chipotle quesadilla, and tuna melt are all amazing. Breakfast is served all day here (with an expanded menu before 3:00PM).

Some of Vida's "regulars." via Flickr

While Vida’s service is sometimes lacking (they once ran out of chips and salsa), and the wait can be overwhelming, it’s the perfect brunch spot for after hiking Temescal or on your way up to Malibu for the day.

Cafe Vida is located in Pacific Palisades at 15317 Antioch St.


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