Grab Some Grub: Tavern

While Sunday may be one of the more depressing days of the week to some people (ahh! work tomorrow!), Sunday brunch is probably the calmest and most most laidback part of anyone’s week. Tavern, in Brentwood, is the absolute perfect place to spend such a meal (and a lot of others for that matter).

Not that type of Tavern. via Flickr

Opened in 2009, Tavern comes from Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne, the same ones who also brought us AOC, The Hungry Cat, and Lucques. Upon tasting the offerings Tavern serves up, this shouldn’t come as any surprise. The food is subtle, refined, and delicious. Classic American entrees with a slight French or Italian touch provide for great power lunches, casual dinners, or as previously mentioned, laidback brunches.

Sunday Brunch. Not meant for orange juice. via Flickr

Inside the restaurant, the space is broken up physically into three rooms. You enter into a small lobby, which has a “larder” off to the left. The larder could be described as something similar in feel to a Joan’s on Third or possibly Huckleberry (prepared foods, pastries, to-go items). On the other side of the lobby is the bar and then beyond that is the main dining room. Both have distinct feels – the bar is younger, quicker, and flashier, and the dining room is more classic and airy. Massive skylights and small trees provide a slightly outdoor feel to the whole affair- which is always nice in a city with 300 days a year of sunlight.

Picnic Time? via

When it launched, Tavern was criticized for being a poor version of previous wildly successful outposts. However, with time, the restaurant has seemed to gain some gravitas and definitely has developed a strong west-side following.

Tavern is located in Brentwood at 11648 San Vicente Blvd. Reservations can be made at 310-806-6464.


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