Best Website of All Time…Formal Edition

If you’ve ever gone to college, you know that the end of every semester is merely an excuse for different student groups to put together formals. And if you’ve entered the real world, then you’ll know that formal occasions may come every weekend (oh hey there waitress actress) or once every blue moon (are you still reading, IT tech man?).

Don't melt under the lights. via Flickr

Anyway, regardless of how often you have to rock a tux or look dashing in a dress, there’s a site that can help you out. offers red-carpet looks for way less thanhe price a real dress would cost (but since celebs get them for  free – I guess they’re actually more…). While cheap knockoffs aren’t really my thing – I do get the appeal. And, if you dress it up with some big time glam bling and $$$ shoes, you’ll look just like you could be accepting an award…until the bouncer finds your flask and rejects your fake ID. No matter how classy you may look, remember that you’re still not at the Oscars…yet.


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