Saying Farewell to THE HILLS

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Losing Lauren put the once-huge show on the MTV ventilator, and it looks like it’s time to pull the plug on THE HILLS.

Are we sad?… Eh. After 6 seasons and the loss of the main character, it’s time to throw in the towel. Watching Heidi’s face morph just isn’t the same as watching Lauren and Audrina discuss their boy/blackberry woes over breakfast at Toast. It was a simpler time, when there was no Spencer and Lauren and Heidi could still be in the same room together. So stop by Les Duex to commemorate the end of this great show (there’s no line anymore, don’t worry), stare off thoughtfully mid-discussion at Joans on 3rd… and then turn on KELL ON EARTH to fill this gaping void.

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2 responses to “Saying Farewell to THE HILLS

  1. I actually don’t think this show was that bad after Lauren left… don’t hate!

  2. The show went down the drain after Lauren left…all the characters seemed tedious and annoying

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