Idol Hangover: The Touring Ten

I’d love to say that last night’s elimination of Paige Miles was a shock. But…it wasn’t. At all. I feel like most people had a general idea she would be going home. Even the judges, who normally let even the worst contestants sing one last song with the slim hope of being saved dashed those chances early. Cruel, but necessary.

What a bad Mile-stone, Paige. via Flickr

So now, with Paige gone, we’re down to the final 10 – the group that will go on tour come this summer. I don’t think Paige deserved to go over Tim and Andrew, but hey – I’m not fat, into Nascar, or the Gosselin family – so I guess I may not represent most of America.

1. Crystal Bowersox – Every critic agreed – she rocked this week. It was undeniably the best performance of the group, and I think it solidly established her back at the top. While 2 girls have gone home so far in this “girl’s season” – it’s not yet decided that one won’t win it all (up 1)

2. Michael Lynche – He was good this week, but I’m getting tired of him. I know most people like him, but I think his marketability is much lower than most of the other potential Idols. Something about him screams Ruben Studdard. Probably his waist line. (down 1)

3. Casey James – This was a hard ranking for me. Based on talent alone, I think Siobhan deserves this spot. However, based on the fact that teen girls are a major contigent of Idol’s viewes and voting demographics, I think it will pay off for Casey in the end. Remember, last season Kris Allen won – and he was arguably not the most talented. But the tween/married mom block may be too much to overcome. (same as last week)

4. Siobhan Magnus – She had a rock-solid performance this week and also worked the styling the best of all the contestants. The rocker chic look she has been perfecting is paying off. While most of the other performers were criticized for looking at best “Forever 21 glamorous,” she broke out of the box. (same as last week)

5. Didi Benami – Her performance was a mix bag. Not one of the best, but also not one of the worst. She has the luck of being the “likeable” contestant that fans want to root for. She also appears so nice – and it works for her. We’ll see how far this ends up taking her. (same as last week)

6. Lee Dewyze – Ugh. His performance definitely did not go over as well as it has in weeks past. It was painful at parts, but not bad enough to have him move down. Especially when that would mean putting him below Aaron Kelly – and I refust to do that. (same as last week)

7. Aaron Kelly – While I still think he’s a joke, his styling improved MAJORLY. Plastic surgery already? (up 1)

8. Katie Stevens – I was a little surprised to see her in the bottom 3. Her performance was definitely better than Andrew Garcia, who has remarkably had some staying power. I think of all the girls, she is undeniably the weekest – but keep in mind, there are only 4 girls left now (same as last week)

9. Andrew Garcia – I am really puzzled at how he didn’t end up in the bottom 3 this week. He must have something I’m missing – and it’s clearly not his voice or fashion – because I can easily assess those. Maybe he has a fan base from the early rounds that are trying to hold out hope that he’ll improve? I have no idea.  (up 2)

10. Tim Urban – Tim is like a nerdy loser who you want to like. He tries so hard, and he does his best – but he’s in a field with some real talent. I honestly feel bad for him, because I think he’s likable, has the look of a potential Justin Bieber, but just can’t compete in a crowded playing field like this one (same as last week)

While most standings have remained the same, it’s clear that 3 tiers have emerged. The Crystal-Michael-Siobhan/Casey level, the Lee-Didi-Aaron level, and the bottom Andrew-Katie-Tim level. Let’s see how it plays out next week…


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2 responses to “Idol Hangover: The Touring Ten

  1. You think Didi should be higher on the list than Lee?? Personally I think she sucks and I think she should go right after Tim but that is just my opinion.

    All the others…not interested.

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