Grab Some Grub: The Bazaar at the SLS Hotel

When it premiered back in fall 2008, the Bazaar was one of the hottest tickets in town. Taking up residence in the quasi-lobby of the trendy and superhot SLS hotel, this place was on fire. Then, things cooled. Now, it’s still a fun place to go, and one of the best restaurants in LA, but the buzz has died significantly.

Dry ice? via Flickr

Eating at the Bazaar is a three-step process. All nights begin in Bar Centro, the center bar of the restaurants (get it? it’s Spanish for exactly what it is). Then, the host escorts you through a “gastronomic journey” in the Rojo or Blanco room. Both rooms serve the same items, but the decor of Rojo is far superior. Blanco is more modern and themed in shades of white (get it? Spanish for white!) while Rojo is darker, more rustic, and has an view of the open kitchen.

Sadly, Marcel no longer works there. via Flickr

After taking in modern and classic variations on tapas (most of which are very good – but can skew to the weird side), you’ll proceed to to the final room, the Patisserie. This room is by far the most interesting as it’s basically themed off of Marie Antoinette tripping on LSD. Paparazzi photos, replica ships, piano tables, and other decor make you feel like you don’t know where to step or sit.

Neon's so hot right now. via Flickr

While the food is great and the service is just as good, you can’t help but wonder if a restaurant so odd and so “unique” can stay fresh forever. That’s still to be seen – but for now, I’ll enjoy my air margaritas and test tube caprese salad.

The Bazaar is located at 465 S. La Cienega Blvd. in the SLS Hotel in West Hollywood.

MM’s 2 cents: Too many scary mouth experiments. Will stick to Carl’s Jr…. In ‘N Out if we’re feeling fancy.


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