Idol Hangover: The Top 11 Perform

In case you didn’t catch last night’s American Idol (March Madness? ha), here are the night’s best three performances:

Crystal Bowersox – She once again wowed the judges and the audience, and further separated herself as a frontrunner in the competition.

Siobhan Magnus – She wasn’t as solid as weeks prior, but Siobhan is still one of the top contestants to watch. Also, her look last night was probably the best for her in this season so far.

Michael Lynche – The repititiveness is getting a little boring, but in a night with few standouts, Michael was undeniably one of the good performances you remember. It doesn’t hurt that he picked such a great song to compliment him.

And who’s going home?
While Paige Miles sang while sick and blew me away last week, this week was another story. Pitchy, all over the place, and downright awful. Andrew Garcia and Tim Urban once again limped along – can we send them home already?

Who’s going on tour and who isn’t? Let’s find out tonight!


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