Extras We Love: Some of our Lesser-Known Reality Show Favorites

It’s too easy to list the reality stars I love… but sometimes even easier for me to list my favorite randos from reality shows. The sisters, the cousins, the managers — the show’s not about them in any way, but where we would be without them adding an extra flavor? And now, a list of randos we love:


via AmyDuggar.com

Jim-Bob Duggar’s country star wannabe cousin occasionally comes over to help the family and to show the TLC audience a little leg. Apparently a non-subscriber to the long-skirt, million-kid religion, Amy brings the spice and sizzle to the Duggar family. Crowning moment: The Duggars go baby clothes shopping and Amy suggests wild colors like cerulean and mustard! Down, girl!


via kmudry

I love the bullshit horn-blower on reality shows, and Gene Simmons’ 21-year-old son takes the cake on the show that maybe only I watch. Nick’s of the refined rock n’ roll brat breed, but keeps a sense of humor among his ridiculous family and outshines his painfully boring sister, What’s-her-face Simmons.


via kimbio

Do we all not remember the Season 3 episode where Kylie defies Bruce, and… wears make-up?? Ach! She’s only 12! Ok, Bruce, you’re right — she did lacquer that shit on pretty thick. Evidently Bruce Jenner has never met his half-daughters, or doesn’t take them into account since they’re only halfies. But now that Kim is all domestic and Kourtney is all mother-ly and we were never into Khloe anyway… Kylie is totally going to rule the Kardashian family and come up with some debauchery we’ve never even thought of by her Sweet 16.


via realityonbravo

You need only watch the episode in which her brother flies in some Canadian blind dateĀ  for a weekend to appreciate the fine humor of Kara Keough. Each Canadian-bashing quip was spot-on, delivered with such snark. Before Bethenny Frankel, we had Kara to provide biting commentary in this mixed-up “real housewives” world.

Collier Strong (PROJECT RUNWAY)

via lorealparis

Tim Gunn: And now here is Collier Strong from L’Oreal Paris to talk to you about how you can use the make-up provided to make your model’s look pop.
Collier Strong: L’Oreal Paris’ new city cream eye shadow line comes in 25 unique metro colors that will — **MECHANICAL ERROR**
**Collier-bot shuts down, show ends**
Collier Strong: Proof that pre-scripted robots are taking over the world, but looking fabulous at the same time.


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