Why Aren’t you Following…Sam Nazarian?

Some people just shouldn’t try to adapt to change. Twitter is a perfect example. Just like iPhones, Facebook, and other forms of “technology,” some things are just better suited for people under 40. So today, when I got an email on my blackberry (don’t worry, I’m not 40 yet) from SBE telling me that I could start following Sam Nazarian (their CEO and center of egoism), I was immediately intrigued.

Doubt he'll retweet this post. via Asbarez.com

Would this proprietor of “coolness” in LA tell me where the hottest new spot is? He did come up with Hyde, Katsuya, and The Abbey, after all. Or would his fall into the same category of individuals forced to tweet by their publicists, without an understanding of what the technology is best suited for? The answer is clearly #2. Let’s take a look at some of his sample tweets:

“the day couldn’t be better!!” – 12:42pm on March 20

“Life is like a box of chocolates…everything you eat makes you gain weight…” – 2:56pm on March 20

“All this LA Drama…..So Over-Rated” – 10:40pm on March 20

“Dinner with the family tonight! No matter how important you think you are in your world, you are always your parents baby :)” – 6:33pm on March 19

After just a weekend of tweeting, its clear that Sam isn’t the egotistical jerk I thought. No, instead, he’s a mixture between a 13 year old girl (“:)”), loser who wants to be on a reality show (“LA Drama”…um what?), and tragically unfunny (that box of chocolates joke). If I were him, I’d get off Twitter before people stop going to his so-cool nightclubs. Oh, wait, that’s already happened.


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