Wow LA, You’re Pretty…Normal?

The Daily Beast has released its rankings of the “Craziest cities in America.” And shockingly, for a city know for plastic surgeons, obsessive superficiality, and insane personalities, LA ranks surprisingly low (#27). That’s below the supposedly-crazier cities of Chicago (#26), Kansas City (#23), and even Columbus, Ohio (#20).

Perhaps they forgot to include Venice Boardwalk. via Flickr

The rankings were determined by tallying data regarding the level of stress, psychiatrists per capita, eccentricity, and alcohol consumption. While LA ranked high in eccentricity, it was in the middle of the road in terms of shrinks and stress, and at the bottle of the list in terms of booze.

So, what cities are the craziest? I think Cincinnati at #1 is a statistical fluke…since the top 5 are rounded out by #2 San Francisco (shrinks & eccentricity), #3 Providence, RI (same), #4 Milwaukee (drinking), and #5 Las Vegas (#1 in drinking). New York falls a bit below at #7. For a city lke LA that’s always been known as the capital of crazy, I guess we’ll just have to get used to the fact that we’re the (gasp) new normal.


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