When the Ground’s a Shakin’…

Given the 4.4 earthquake that hit the LA area earlier this week, it seems fitting to cover one of the most daunting, yet constantly ignored issues in Southern California: earthquake preparedness.

It may be from the Universal Studios Tram Ride. But its close. via Flickr

Now, I’m not advocating creating rations on the level of Y2K and making sure your pet’s dog house is retrofitted. But, it doesn’t hurt to have shoes and a flashlight by your bed and some water bottles in case the big one comes around. Also, there are these ancient devices called radios – I hear they work even when everything else (phones, tv, internet, twitter, facebook, foursquare, brains) are down in emergencies. Like cockroaches, they may even be able to weather nuclear bombs. I’ve never tested it though, so don’t take my word for it.

LA Magazine has an excellent guide on getting you ready for the biggest shakeup since Paula left Idol here. It’s worth a look if you’re worried about earthquake-proofing your shot glasses and other breakables.


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