What’s next for HBO?

With Big Love completing its run and The Pacific picking up steam, it seems fitting to take a look at what HBO has lined up for rest of 2010. Besides the return of proven hits Hung, True Blood, and Entourage, a couple of new projects seem to be making headlines.

Boardwalk Empire
Probably the flashiest of HBO’s upcoming shows. The pilot was directed by Martin Scorcese and it’s been estimated to cost nearly $50 million to shoot. Keep in mind, this is for an hour of TV. That’s a budget larger than some motion pictures. Insiders call it “The Sopranos set during the prohibition era.” The prohibition wasn’t a very fun time…hopefully this series will be. Boardwalk Empire premieres in Fall.

Keeping with the fun and light theme of the prohibition, HBO’s new project Treme focuses on rebuilding life in New Orleans 3 months after Katrina hit. Set in 2005, its obviously much more modern than Boardwalk Empire, as its style indicates. One thing this series has going for it? It’s created by David Simon and Eric Overmeyer (ever hear of a little show called The Wire?). Treme premieres in April.

Game of Thrones
There is so little information about this series so far that it seems wrong to speculate on it so early in the “game,” (get it?), but with that said, this series just received a 10-episode order, so its technically an upcoming show as well. The series will focus on a civil war set in a fantasy world, and the cast includes Sean Bean. Sounds like The Lord of the Rings to me. While there’s no official trailer yet, check out this creepy fan-made one.


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