Orlando Is Cooler than LA… One Time Only

Universal Studios in LA is a little underwhelming lately, especially after the closing of the BACK TO THE FUTURE ride and the anti-climactic SIMPSONS reveal. But now we really have competition, with the soon-to-open WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER in Orlando. The final reveal of attractions will be on 3/25, but I mean… holy shit, this is gonna be awesome.

via WW of HP

A few official attractions have been revealed, which will only make sense to book readers/movie watchers/wizard lovers. But basically what you can expect is one giant magical world full of rides, candy, and English-y things, which — call me a nerd — sounds pretty awesome.

via WW of HP

Check out the just released behind-the-scenes video of the creation of the park and some footage that will be shown in various attractions.

And remember: these opinions are coming from the person who bought the 7th Harry Potter book at midnight and attempted to read it while driving home… to read it.


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