Idol Hangover: Here’s Your Top 11

Lacey Brown, oh Lacey Brown. We barely knew you. Like The Spice Girls, Mr. Eko, and electric cars, you are gone before we actually got a chance to realize we’d miss you. But such is the way with Idol, and the gods of AI do work in strange ways. While it’s hard to say we’ll ever hear of you again (as the 12th place contestant has historically vanished from Earth), winning the entire thing also doesn’t guarantee that (see Taylor Hicks).

From Ruby Tuesday to shitty Wednesday. via Flickr

But, with you gone, we now turn to the remaining eleven. And my, you certainly changed things up with your departure.

1. Michael Lynche – I really hate to put him here because I don’t think it’s deserved at all, but I do think his performances the last two weeks have begun to solidify a fan group around him. He’s a lock to be in the final four, at the very least. (up 1)

2. Crystal Bowersox – I still think she’s the best of the girls, but her performance this week didn’t do anything to help her pull away. We already know she can be indie and offbeat. Give us to “My Life Would Suck Without You” to know that we will want to hear you on the radio all the time. (down 1)

3. Casey James – He did good this week. Narrowing in on the country niche is a smart thing to do on Idol. I doubt there are any statistics to prove this. But in my opinion, in each season since the second, less and less people on the coasts have watched idol, but those in the middle of the country have remained. Some evidence? Allen over Lambert. Cook over Archuleta. Clearly, teen girls may propel you to the end, but middle aged midwestern women will get you the win. CJ may be locking it all up without us even knowing… (same as last week)

4. Siobhan Magnus – She definitely impressed this week. Every contestant has one performance that stands out and drives them for a few weeks (remember David Cook’s “Always Be My Baby” or Carrie Underwood’s “Alone”?), and this week may have been Siobhan’s. I really hope it wasn’t though, because I want performances like this week after week. (up 1)

5. Didi Benami – She also seemed to build her fanbase last night. Last week I compared her to other week voiced blondes from seasons past. She proved she’s different in two ways – she isn’t bad, and she won’t be eliminated 8th or 9th. Let’s see how much she can build to overcome the other powerhouse females. (up 1)

6. Lee Dewyze – His performance last night made me feel like I was listening to a new Dave Matthews, John Mayer, or some other 30-something rocker who can appeal to giant crowds. I could almost see myself listening to his album while playing a game of beirut and some flip cup. I hope he sticks around. (up 1)

7. Paige Miles – I know this is a risk to take in ranking her so much higher than last week, but I really think her performance last night was vastly underrated. The girl had laryngitis, but still sounded incredible. If she has another solid performance next week, she could really strengthen her safety. But, if get another Lil’ Rounds who underwhelms but sticks around – well, no one will be happy with that. (up 2)

8. Aaron Kelly – He didn’t impress or bomb. But either way, at the end of the day, do you remember him? Not really. (same as last week)

9. Katie Stevens – She did much better than I expected – and I think that she has a group of girls who really see themselves in her (she is 16, after all). But, I think when they’re faced with a choice, most girls will eventually move into the Casey James or Lee Dewyze camp, and Katie will end up out of the competition. That isn’t to say she didn’t do well enough to move up. She sure did. This girl has a couple weeks left in her. (up 3)


10. Tim Urban – His reggae Stones impression was miserable. And he hasn’t really done that well in the weeks prior. But, what Tim does have is charm. He’s likeable an good-looking, but what will ultimately matter is that he can’t sing like the others. (same as last week)

11. Andrew Garcia – I’m startled he wasn’t in the bottom three this week. Doesn’t matter, it’s almost a guarantee that he will be next week. The look, the sound, and the personality are all off.  (same as last week)

Lacey’s departure really has mixed things up, but what was bad news for her has become great news to others. Let’s see how these rankings hold up next week.


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3 responses to “Idol Hangover: Here’s Your Top 11

  1. Hey, thanks so much for commenting over on DC-9!
    Love the rankings here, and that caption is brilliant.

  2. Haha somewhat close to what I have except Andrew Garcia… got to remember he is the only person from California which houses most of the countries population…..He has been a huge youtube sensation which will carry a lot of votes also…..But is he near the bottom, yes, should he be no…..My bottom three are Aaron Kelly, Paige Miles, Tim Urban…..Bottom 2 are Aaron and Tim…Voted off is Tim, its time to go big guy

  3. I think American Idol 9 will have a kid win..I think that is why Katie is still around. I feel the same about Aaron. These kids have the teen and grandmother votes. I really hope this year will stand out and ther ewill be a winner that is the best…

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