Every Rose Has its Thorns

This past Sunday, the Rose Bowl hosted its monthly Flea Market, giving LA residents the chance to trade trash, fight over a dollar, and gorge on Churros and Frozen Lemonade. The monthly flea market happens rain or shine; however, in Pasadena, in most cases, that means in 70 degree weather or in 80 degree weather. Just like a camping trip or hike, remember to wear layers, since you’ll inevitably end up sweating by 11:00AM.

UCLA games are just as hit or miss as antique shopping. via Flickr

Among the gems found this past Sunday, some highlights include:

  • a portrait of Pope John Paul II from 1987
  • a gold teapot in the shape of an elephant (the nose is the snout)
  • a $5 bucket of pogs and slammers
  • decapitated Barbies and naked Kens
  • close to 500 sea shells

The only thing I ended up buying after 2 hours of digging? A diet coke for $4.50. Whoever said I could find cheap deals seemed to be mistaken.


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