Idol Hangover: The Top 12 Perform

In case you missed last night’s American Idol (watching Melrose Place? Ha, yeah right), here are the night’s best three performances:

Paige Miles – While the judges didn’t seem to heap on enough praise, the fact that she sang with laryngitis (and sang well) proves that this girl may have some staying power. She surprised me, but I’m into it.

Siobhan Magnus – Whoever commented last week that she could win it may be on to something. Wow.

Casey James – Last night’s cowboy-and-blues song and outfit choice made me shudder. Has the male Carrie Underwood cometh? Watch out, country music industry.

And who’s going home?
Well, that #4 ranking I gave Lacey Brown last week is looking awfully inflated right now. But, I don’t think it’s the end of the road for her yet. I think she’s still great, but Crystal Bowersox didn’t impress last night like she has in weeks past. We’ll see how she rebounds next week – she won’t be going home. Tim, Andrew, and Katie – I’d start getting your bags ready.

Alright, let’s cut some fat tonight. And I don’t mean Randy.


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