Who Will Fill Captain America’s Shoes?

via Marvel Comics

Captain America isn’t just another superhero. He’s AMERICA’S superhero, and Marvel can’t just pick any ol’ dude off the street to play the national hero in their latest big screen comic adaptation. But apparently that’s what Marvel has decided they’re going to do. Here’s who the studio is rumored to be looking at for the role. Let’s do some judging, shall we? —

Channing Tatum: Too hot (did I just say that?) Not enough squeaky clean. And shouldn’t Captain America be older?

via Blindie

Ryan Phillippe: Too disturbed by the way he talks while pursing his lips. I don’t know if I can ever shake the incestuous overtones from CRUEL INTENTIONS. Also, he made our Reese-y cry. She’s a National Treasure.

via eonline

Chris Evans: Still has that dipshit air about him. Seems more like the frat boy that throws raw meat against the wall than a national protector.

via Wire Image

Sebastian Stan: Aka the creep from GOSSIP GIRL (see: picture). If nouveau Captain America cooks meth in his basement and whispers nursery rhymes in alleyways, then Sebastian is our man.

via Interview magazine

Mike Vogel: But really, Marvel– you’re fucking with us.

via Tech Vixen

Share your thoughts below… and feel free to add your own choice for Captain America. Automatic point for knowing who Captain America is, since the Marvel casting department didn’t even take the time to work that one out.


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3 responses to “Who Will Fill Captain America’s Shoes?

  1. If it’s one of these choices I’d go with Tatum. But I’m still intrigued by that John Krazinski rumor.

  2. I heard that rumor was squelched! But yeah, if the movie was more goofy, Andy-Samberg-ian, I’d love to see John K. in the lead role.

  3. Somebody probably watched Leatherheads. It’s just that all these guys have that cheesy action movie vibe. I want them to take some chances with the casting.

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